Ladies and Gentlemen,

We would like to invite you to participate in the international conference “Development through innovation. A new approach to management”, which will be held on 2-3.10.2023 in Olsztyn at the Tiffi Boutique Hotel, 7 Żeglarska Street.

The theme of the conference will be innovation in the broadest sense, with a particular focus on the issues of innovative public procurement and the circular economy. The conference is co-organised by a number of institutions that have been dealing with the above-mentioned topics for years and will share their experiences with the participants.

During the conference, in addition to lectures, there will be panel discussions with experts, and the above-mentioned concept of implementing the circular economy in health care will be presented in the form of interactive workshops.

The conference, under the honorary patronage of the Marshal of the Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship Gustaw Marek Brzezin, is part of the celebrations of the Year of Nicolaus Copernicus. We invite the management of health care units to participate in this event. The conference is an opportunity to gain unique knowledge. CEOs of healthcare institutions, their deputies, managers of procurement departments will be able to learn many interesting things that will help them in the daily management, as well as building strategies for the development of their units.

Welcome to Olsztyn!

All lectures and discussions will be translated simultaneously: English-Polish.

Innovative procurement is a policy through which the European Commission (EC) aims to change the way public sector purchasing is conducted. For many years, the EC has been supporting projects in this area with the aim of moving the public sector away from buying goods and services on the basis of the lowest price, but towards new solutions as an opportunity to develop and improve the efficiency of the European economy. During the conference, representatives from two such projects (EcoQUIP+ and P4H) will show examples of how innovative solutions can be sourced in healthcare.

The circular economy is a new trend based on minimising the consumption of raw materials and energy, as well as waste and emissions, by creating systems in which waste from one process is used as raw material for other processes. Whether this is at all possible and how it can be implemented in health care will be shown in presentations by representatives from the Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare (NCSH). NCSH is an organisation that has been working on the issue of efficiency in healthcare for years, and has also developed the idea of the “greenest hospital” (Grønnköpingkið), based on the ideas of energy efficiency, minimising energy consumption and minimising waste. NCSH and the Association of Non-Medical Healthcare Personnel are implementing an Erasmus+ grant on the topic of the closed loop economy in healthcare.

Please select the package and confirm it by September 15, 2023 to the following e-mail address:


Basic package – 397 zł
(meals and refreshments during the conference included)

Package I – 647 zł
(basic package + supper on 2.10.2023)

Package II – 746 zł
(basic package + accommodation on 2-3.10.2023)

Package III – 996 zł
(basic package + accommodation on 2-3.10.2023 + supper on 2.10.2023)

Package IV – 1333 zł
(basic package + accommodation on 1-3.10.2023)

Package IV – 1583 zł
(basic package + accommodation on 1-3.10.2023 + supper on 2.10.2023)

The offered price is a net price, not including duties and taxes (23%)
The number of places is limited – the order of applications decides.

Additionally: Sightseeing of Olsztyn with a guide
The program of the Conference is attached.

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